O-0018: Ignorance is bliss! [12m55s]

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O-0018: Ignorance is bliss! [12m55s]

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Blame and Punish Podcast
Episode: O-0018
Posting date: 05/03/21

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Ignorance is bliss!

So, this is week number 18 of 1,560 of our Blame and Punish podcast. It is scheduled to be posted on May 3, 2021. I have pretty much been late on every single episode that I have done for us. On this one, though, it is April 28 and I'm going to post it early.

The reason being is that I am scheduled to have an operation tomorrow. This is not a personal podcast and I do not consider Blame and Punish to be personal to me – I don’t need to be talking about my vacation, or high bowling game, or what I did last night. I just don't want to take a chance that I will be late next week posting what I want to talk about today.

To get it out of the way, I have an operation to take a couple of body parts out and that is distressing to me because I have to live to be a hundred years old order to get these 1,560 Blame and Punish episodes of the podcast done. I also believe that it will take 30 years to go through a few generations of people to get all of the laws passed to make sure that we get Blame and Punish set up right.

I was not expecting to have anyone find anything wrong with my body parts because I virtually never get sick. I have never broken a bone, caught a disease like measles or mumps, I didn't die from Covid-19, and I rarely even catch a cold. But they found a cancerous tumor in my pancreas. It is not the pancreatic cancer that killed people like Steve Jobs or Alex Trebek or Patrick Swayze or Ruth Ginsburg. It is a tumor that is small in size (about 1 inch) that has encapsulated some cancer.

But what really sucks is that in order to take it out they have to chop off part of the pancreas and since the spleen is right there, they're going to take that out too. Tomorrow does not seem like a fun day. And on top of that, since they know I have gallstones, even though they don't bother me, they're going to take out my gallbladder also to avoid having any problems in the future. Of course, they are not taking it out without my permission – they explained it to me and I said they could. Like I said, tomorrow is not going to be a fun day.

What they have assured me though, although I don't think they get penalized if they are wrong, is that I will still live the 30 more years I was supposed to in order to get Blame and Punish set up right. And, what is even more frustrating about this is that they found this tumor by accident – which is how I guess they find these things, by accident – while they were just doing regular checks on other stuff of mine. I say that this is frustrating because in this particular sense, “Ignorance is Bliss” as far as I'm concerned. If I wouldn't have known about it, then I wouldn't have to be going through this right now.

What you're going to really think is cool now is the segue I'm going to use. That is going to come from the statement I just made about ignorance being bliss. Parents create children, they put them on this earth, they raise them, they let them go – and then, if they've done a bad job, their children kill someone.

How do we know if they've done a bad job? Because their children have killed someone! I just said that: Weren’t you listening? AND, I have been saying it!

To them, ignorance was bliss. They had sex, made a baby, let the baby grow up, didn't take responsibility for it, and they live happily ever after while their child creates havoc!

Blame and Punish is about not letting that happen anymore! Blame and Punish is about making sure that parents are not allowed to go through life singing the happy song of ignorance being bliss!

Now here's my comparison: In my case, if I wouldn't have found out about this tumor, I would've been happy because nothing would have been chopped out of me. However, in a short time, I don't know how short but shorter than my 30 years undoubtedly (the 30 years that I want to live) I would have died of a cancer that would have spread throughout my body by not staying in that tumor that they're going to chop out. That would not have been too much fun. So, for the Blame and Punish parents that we are going to teach as these next years go on about raising their children right or being punished along with the child who does something wrong – you ain't allowed to be ignorant anymore, and therefore your bliss won't last as long as you thought it was going to.

So, what I'm saying is that you had better make sure if you are going to have a child that you raise it right! Or we are going to put you in hell on earth!

The reason I felt the subject this week was so important was because one of my daughters was tutoring a child and everyone in our family has heard the story of this child. This little second-grader hardly ever went to school, her mother didn't appear to care about her education, the little girl didn't seem to have nice clothes, she was often unkempt, and she was not doing well in society. Besides that, she had a constant aura of sadness. My daughter was sad about this. Her sadness became sadness for all of us who heard the story. And we heard it week after week.

Well, that sadness is now hopefully over. The father has taken the child to live with him and his female partner. I don't know the living or legal case of this arrangement but it doesn't matter because on camera over the last couple of weeks my daughter has seen this little girl become happy. She's happy because she was given her own little desk and lamp at home. Of course, this is all through Covid time so they don't go to school in the classroom – they learn from home. She now has a real laptop and she can share her work and touch the screen and things will happen. And she was bursting with joy because she told my daughter that she was getting her own bed – I guess she's never had one.

What the F is wrong with you parents that have children without any control of your own life or controlling your future life so that your children are raised right?

I can't teach you this! I can't say this enough times so that you will learn from it! What the F is wrong with you? Why do you feel you have a right to bring a human being onto this planet and not raise it perfectly? Why do you feel that you can just bring a person onto this earth and then let it be out there to go about its life in its own way and then because they have to continue to live, they have to steal because they weren't taught how to live right in order to feed themselves?

Why the F do you think that you get to walk away from this in bliss?

I am hoping to change that so you don't get to anymore! We are ending people's ability to bring children into this world that they will not be responsible for! By making a bad child you are basically murdering them before they are even born – how dare you!

And I'm going to finish this podcast episode right before I go into the hospital by saying something that I won't normally say on one of these because I try, to a degree, to watch my language. I just read a story that the Catholic Church is going to ask our President of the United States, Mr. Joe Biden, to stop receiving communion (because he is a Roman Catholic) because he has not condemned abortion as strongly as the church felt that he should have.

It was written in our Blame and Punish book and it possibly was talked about in one of the episodes on our podcast that when I was growing up in the 50s, I was made well aware of the fact that the only reason that you were supposed to have sex was to have a child. You could not have sex to enjoy yourself or love your partner – you were supposed to have sex only, and I don't know if I can say only in capital letters through audio but ONLY have sex to have a child.

Fuck you Catholic Church!

Maybe I shouldn't be saying that the day before I go in for an operation and I'm put under, because maybe whoever is controlling the Catholic Church – God – is going to be angry at me now and make sure that I don't come back to do the rest of the podcasts that I'm supposed to, to help our earth grow better. But we need to stop having children! And I'm not saying to stop having them through abortions but I am saying that we have the medical and technological skills to be able to have sex and share love with each other without having children so for God sake, for your sake, for your children's sake, for the world sake: Stop having children if you are not going to raise them right.

It brings me no joy to say that the title of our new life should be Blame and Punish. I wish I wouldn't have had to do all this, but it's the only way that I know how to try and make a mark to do something good after all the bad I've done in my life.

If you're going to have a child raise it right or be Blamed and Punished with your child. I'm sure you don't want that and everyone else in the world would rather just that you have a good child.

All right, if you hear my voice in episode 19 of the Blame and Punish podcast then you know that I haven't died in tomorrow’s operation. Here’s looking at me, kid!

Thank you for your time. Bye.


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