O-0002: What the hell happened this past week? [20m18s]

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O-0002: What the hell happened this past week? [20m18s]

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Blame and Punish Podcast
Episode: O-0002
Posting date: 01/08/21

[This written episode was used as a guideline to the spoken one. To hear the exact words, find it at https://www.blameandpunish.com/podcasts ... ry/latest/.]

What the hell happened this past week?

Hi, Bruce Carlson again. This is the second episode of 1,560 of Blame and Punish. 1,560 that hopefully will convince you that if someone is going to do something wrong, and right now we are concentrating on murdering; if someone is going to do something wrong, then the parents of the person should get punished also, in a unique way, with the person committing the murdering – but we’ll cover that later (it’s called Re-Association).

My thoughts are, and I hope it will be many people's thoughts in the future, that if it was not for the parents, the people would not be here to commit a wrong: A murder. They would not be here to kill someone.

This is the week of January 8, 2021. We gotta do this for 30 years because we have to convince people. Well, maybe not even convince them – maybe just point it out to them that if two people bring a human being into this world: It is their responsibility that they, the person who they brought into this world, should not be doing something wrong. If their child does something wrong, it makes no difference if their child was brought up wrong or they changed after they were born. The point remains very simply – if you bring a human being into this world: you're responsible for that human being and its actions: FOREVER! Or, or the opposite part of that could be, if you wanted to say it differently: You bring somebody into this world but if you hadn't brought them in, they wouldn't have done something wrong CUZ THEY WOULDN’T BE HERE! DUH!

What's the difference? if there is no person there to murder you or a loved one, you would not be able to blame the person or the parents so we can look at this two different ways: we say they brought the child into the world and they raised that child wrong or they didn't raise it at all, or they raised it right and then it just misbehaved. Anyway, they killed someone. But in either case, if you hadn’t brought that child into this world, it's not here to kill someone. So, if you bring a child into this world and it kills someone – it’s your fault. YOU being the parents. It's the parents’ fault. We just can't argue that a different way.

I wouldn't have gone the way I am now going to proceed with this episode but we are going to take a little break here from normalcy as I tackle something that happened this past week BUT it touches on our points. Something very different happened in the United States of America over the past week. There were riots in the capitol of our country, Washington, DC, and there were people who stormed a building where all of our main leaders were in a session to talk about our next president of the United States and affirm that he had been voted in. Our country doesn’t usually have these types of problems that we are going to touch on for a few minutes.

This isn't about who believes what. This is about five points. I will make five points of what happened in this past week and, I say it’s a little bit different because in our democracy we’re supposed to, if we are trying to take care of things, run things, lead things: we’re supposed to lead by example and ruling and being voted into a position of trust so that we can do good for society, for our society, our democracy. We’re not just supposed to start shooting people and say, “I win, I have more guns than you.” That's for people who don't have democracies. In this particular week I'm gonna just point out a few people. I’m going to say how they relate to Blame and Punish and we’ll move on next week. Hopefully, will be back in a more organized episode next week of things we want to point out instead of the items this week.

The first person I want to talk about is Richard Barnett, age 60, from Arkansas. If you've seen him in the news, or you haven't, the point is that if you've seen the pictures of what was happening that particular day, you saw this man who had, with the crowd, broken into the Capitol Building, got into Nancy Pelosi's office, sit at her desk, kicked his boots up on the desk, and smirked – I guess he was showing how tough he was. I don't care who he is, he can't be that tough, he’s 60. I’m not trying to start a fight but he just looked dumb. But whatever: his smirk, his actions, whatever. He sat there and then he walked off with at least one thing. I'm not sure what he stole, so to speak, but he took a piece of mail. Huh, of all the dumb things to take. I don’t think you’re going to get much money for it, Richard. Plus, if you did take a piece of mail (and I didn’t see if there was a stamp on it but that’s what I had read – that it was just an envelope: and that’s like heavy-duty jail time. God, I said, you look dumb, and you are dumb. That’s my opinion so if there's a lawsuit you can just sue me. I just wanted to point that out. And of the people I’m going to speak of, he may be the most innocent but let’s remember, there’s a point number five coming. We’ll come back to Richard in a moment.

The next guy I wanna talk about is a guy named Adam Johnson, 36 years old from Florida. I talk in Blame and Punish a lot about parents. It is the parents who are the problem of everyone who does something wrong . . . that’s what I say. That's a very blanket statement and not one that I'm going to be counting on making over and over again with those exact words and definitions, but here's a guy who's from Florida. His picture of notoriety and fame is that of walking out of the Capitol Building carrying this big lectern. I believe it was Nancy Pelosi's, I’m not sure, but he’s walking out of the Capitol Building through the front vestibule and smiling like if he had just gotten a prize, a big stuffed animal, and he got to carry it home with him. He's got five children. I think he’s still married and I'm talking all along about parents that raise their children wrong.

Now, once again, we’re not going to discuss right now if this is somebody who did something wrong, somebody who didn't do something wrong, what their state of political fervor was, but that lectern wasn't his – and he took it! And he's got five children, and he spent money to get to Washington from Florida to do what? To make a point? Bravo for him. But to steal a lectern. Wow. Of course, even the lectern would be worth more than the envelope. And I’m thinking a lectern wouldn’t cause as much time to be spent in prison if you're caught with the lectern instead of an envelope that was considered mail. Either way, this is just the wrong type of person to be a father. And remember, he has five children! So how did he get to be a father? I don’t know how did his parents raised him or what kind of wife he has that is the other part of the “parent TRAP” for their five children. Those poor five children.

I look at, and yes, don’t forget about point number five coming, but I look at this person who stole something, and Richard Johnson, who I mentioned before him who stole something, and I know a lot of people were saying, “Hey, this is our country, I have a right to this property. This is mine, and I'm taking my country back.”

Wow, you know what? Let's say you were. Let's say I agree with you. I don't but, but let's just say that because that's not the fight I want right now. Here is something that I want to fight about. You don't have any right to that stuff you guys took! You dumb asses! If you want to say this is your country and you own this stuff, you are NOT the only ones who own it – I’m a citizen too! I'm not one of the congress people I’m just a citizen! I’m like you! I'm one of the people in the country. So, if you're taking a lectern and it cost X dollars, you didn't steal it, I’m sure, to divide the money up you can sell it for and then give it to 350 million Americans evenly. What would they get, about one-billionth of a penny each? You stole it for yourself. You didn’t steal it for me. You didn't call me on my cell. I didn't see a missed call come on that day, and you didn't say, “Hey, Bruce, I'm stealing this lectern for us.” I would've said don't do that – that’s stupid. And anyway, you would have had to call all 350 million Americans to get their okay because if you're stealing it for us then that's all of ours – that’s every American’s. And don't tell me you're stealing it from Nancy. Sure you are but guess what – I’m pissed at you cuz you are dumb and a liar! You stole that stuff from us. I can’t wait to get to point 5..

The third person I’m talking about, point 3, is Eric Munchel. He's 30-years-old. This is a cool one because his 57-year-old mom, Lisa Eisenhardt (I don't know why a different name and I'm not to make any comment about that – it could be truly legitimate). She traveled to Washington, DC, with Eric. I'll tell you what she said in just a minute about why she did that but Eric was arrested. He was pictured holding substantially large zip ties. Now, I’ve used zip ties in my life and I can think of a few reasons to use them but right off the top of my head I don’t know why he’d be using them to go to the Capitol Building to talk about something. I don't know this for sure but we know this from watching TV: You can use zip ties to bind people's wrists – like if police arrest you, rather than use handcuffs, they’ll use zip ties cuz they’ll just wrap ‘em around your wrist, and you’re stuck, and you can't break them – supposedly but although I understand that's not true. But these were big zip ties and they would've been tough to break and if they were trying to grab somebody like Nancy or Mike Pence, who Donald turned on ferociously the last day after he talked about things that Mike Pence could have done to save his presidency (which Mike COULD NOT HAVE legally done) – then this guy appears to have only been carrying zip ties to go ahead and grab people, not for anything else, to grab those people, tie ‘em up, and bring them with him somewhere for some reason! So, I’m not sure what his charges are but I do know he broke into a building, or entered it illegally and shouldn’t have been there and here's the cool thing about family love: his mom said, and this is why she went. “I'd rather die as a 57-year-old woman than live under oppression. I'd rather die and would rather fight” end of what she said.

So, you look at children. You look at people who commit crimes. You’re gonna look at point 5. And you ask me seriously why you would blame the parents, also, when here's some 57-year-old woman who is way dumber than her son (I'm thinkin’) cuz she raised him to be as dumb as he is, and she said she would rather die than live under oppression. Maybe you haven't traveled around the world enough, or read enough, to know that maybe everything in the United States doesn't go the way you want, the way that maybe a lot of people want, but we are far from oppressed compared to many places in the world.

Ma’am, If you want to change something here (this is a joke, I don't know if this is really happening but I have this picture in my mind) – ma’am, maybe you should quit sitting around on your couch, half naked, drinking beer, and slobbering on yourself watching TV. Do something good for the community. Get yourself elected, run for office, and lead our country into a non-oppressed place. I'd think you’re cool then. Even if you did it now, I’d think you’re cool – but up to right now I just think you're a dumb ass like those other dumbasses that were there! And you’re not cool!

The fourth one, the fourth point: the person I want to talk about is Jacob Chansley, 53. He's this guy who you've seen a number of times, possibly, if you've looked at the pictures of what happens at places where Trump goes. He wears these horns, he paints his face, he wears this sheepskin coat, or whatever, and he carries around this spear and he was in the Capitol causing commotion. His mom didn't go with him (but I’ll come back to the mom in just a second). This guy is a failed actor . . . and maybe it's just, and I know a lot of people in the entertainment field and I know how hard it is to be there and stick it through and make it and it's a tough job because you get so much rejection you gotta be a strong individual. But maybe this guy isn’t strong. I don't know. I don't know anything about him. I just know that he is an actor who didn't make it. That doesn't say anything bad about him. There are accountants who don't make it, police officers who don't make it, and Congress people who don't make it! if you try to do something, and you’re trying to do it well and you don't make it – you’re trying. That's cool. But if you're living at home with your mom for the past couple of years because you’ve been evicted for not paying your rent and you spend your life walking around with a spear and horns on your head and a painted face and breaking into places, breaking into places where you’re not supposed to be to cause trouble, then I don't have much respect for you. Your mom does, though, that’s the beautiful thing here, so let's tie you and your mom together. Your mom said quote, “It takes a lot of courage to be a patriot, okay? And to stand up for what it is you believe. Not everybody wants to be the person up front” end of quote. Mom, you love your son, you’re proud of how you raised him: Obviously!

I'm going to stand up for what I believe right now and I'm going to say, “You're not a good mom and you should be punished along with your son not just for breaking and entering and knocking something over or doing stupid things on that day in the Capitol but you should be punished . . . listen . . . listen to this . . . you should be punished for KILLING PEOPLE!”

Point Number Five, here it is. People died that day – four people from the crowd, one police officer, who at this point they think may have gotten hit on the head with a fire extinguisher. And another police officer who committed suicide died because of that day.

That reminds me of someone we all know and love – the dirty scoundrel who we all look up to: Bernie Madoff. I'm joking about that. What an asshole! He stole so many people's money over the years even his own son committed suicide to get away from him. Yes, suicide is murder also under certain conditions – and that day at the capitol can be considered a day of those conditions!

Ya got these people: Barnett and Johnson and Munchel, and his mom and Chansley and Martha – and his mom said, she was proud of him. She said, “I’m proud of my son because he's a patriot and he stood up for what he believed.” Yeah. Well. Hey, bitch! Six people died because he was one of the people there. That bloods on you, too! I don't care if you pull the trigger. I don't care if they committed suicide. I don't care if they drank too much happy juice themselves and drowned during that time period. They died on your watch, on your son’s watch, on all of those watches of all of those people who were there breaking into the building and breaking the law. Those six people f’n died. That's murder! YOU did something wrong. Whether you incited this to begin or laughed as you walked away. You killed people and all of you killers and parents of the killers who put them on this earth should be – I’m not gonna use the word punish but I'm gonna say, “You should go through Re-association.” More about that later.

I'm don’t want to overstay my welcome for today. We’ll see you again next week. I hope, I just hope, that someday we can get this to end. This is f’d up. Thank you for your time.


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