O-0001: Our Start Together [14m27s]

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O-0001: Our Start Together [14m27s]

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Blame and Punish Podcast
Episode: O-0001
Posting date: 01/01/21

[This written episode was used as a guideline to the spoken one. To hear the exact words, find it at https://www.blameandpunish.com/podcasts ... ry/latest/.]

Our Start Together

Hi, my name is Bruce Carlson. This is the first episode of 1,560 I’m going to be doing for our Blame and Punish podcast. If I get 1,560 done, and I do them a week apart, I'll be 100-years-old. I hope I make it that far. If I don't make it and it's my own doing because of my own health or something that I just wasn't destined to do: That's cool. But if I don't make it that far and it's someone else's fault: I don't think that's right. I don't think it's right for you either to not make it as far as you should in life and living as long as you can because of someone else fault.

I wrote a book that’s titled Blame and Punish. It is set to be looked at, and joined in, as a conversation by society at a website called blameandpunish.com. There is a blog there; podcasts: the 1,560 from me – and from others who would like to contribute. There's a forum that has a number of different topics: Some of them about children and raising them. Why? Why raising children? What’s that got to do with Blame and Punish? That is really the premise I’m writing about: Raising children.

I have five. My wife is an amazing woman, an amazing mother, and an amazing wife. Our five children haven't killed anyone – probably due to the fact that my wife did most of the raising. But that does not mean that I would've taught them how to kill either . . . let me explain. No, I haven't killed anyone but admittedly, I have not been the best person to use as a role model in my life. Maybe I’m sorry about that – I don’t really know. I know I’m not a 3G person, that’s for sure!

What’s a 3G person?

That’s a person who’s willing to talk about Grass (the kind that grows on your lawn), be a Good friend, and Go someplace with someone! Those are the 3G’s: Grass, Good, and Go. Ya want a further description?

Okay, here you go: You’re living in the suburb and you are mowing your lawn, the neighbor is also and at one point you get to the same part of the fence as them. You stop and start talking about the grass (or any other worthless, mundane thing that comes up; and if you live in the city and don’t have grass, you can talk about sports, beer, or the weather; and if you live really far from your neighbor cuz your rich, you can talk to them anyplace you run into them) – okay that’s the first G: talking about Grass or something else worthless and mundane.

The next one comes into play cuz they need a ride somewhere (your neighbor . . . or your friend), or they need help hanging Christmas lights, or they want to know if you would watch their dog for a day – you say “yes” cuz you’re a Good friend and that’s the second G: Good. So, we’ve got Grass and Good so far.

The third G is going over to their house a neighborhood get-together, going out to dinner with them some evening, or accepting free tickets to go to a play, a musical with them. Get the picture? The third G is Go: Going with them.

So, you’ve got Grass, Good, and Go. I ain’t a 3G’er!

As I look back now, I think, “Well, I could've done that differently or I could have at least been a 2G’er.” But, whatever – I wasn’t! Somehow my children grew up good, though. My wife and I have been together for nearly 50 years. She was always there for them and me. What a great person! At least I stayed their father and her husband – some people don’t do that and IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

Right now, I'm not going to dwell on how bad of a person I am but I haven't always been there for my children or her. I’ve been trying to rectify that. Yet, like I stated a few moments ago – they turned out okay. If, as I said earlier, someone ended my life or my life ended because of someone else, even if not purposely: If that person wouldn't have been on this planet then I may not have been expiring. I wouldn't have expired. I wouldn't have been killed. I would be alive. So, whose fault is I that I’m not now if one of those things happened to me? My children didn’t kill anyone but if they had, I BROUGHT THEM INTO THIS WORLD so some of the fault HAS TO BE MINE!

If someone comes to rob me as I'm walking down the street and I say, “I'm sorry man. I only have $28,” or I could’ve said, “I'm sorry woman I only have $28 in cash but here's, you know, an ATM card or here, take my credit card.” They say, “You asshole, I want more than $28 in cash!” and he or she shoots me in the head . . . THAT’S THEIR FAULT AND THEIR PARENTS’ FAULT FOR PUTTING THEM HERE ON THIS EARTH!!!

Why? Why did he or she do that? Were they raised like that? Were they taught to kill people like I said that I didn't teach my children to do? Or were they not raised at all? Where were their parents? What type of values do these children have? If there is a person brought into this world and they commit a crime, and we’ll just speak of killing another human being right now – if they commit a crime: Could they have committed that crime if they had not been born? If they were born, I don’t care who the hell you are – you cannot disagree with that statement!

Once again, the statement is, “If they hadn’t been born, they couldn’t have committed the crime!”

If there was not a child born then that is because two parents didn't make that child! So, if the child who shot me in the head had not been made by two people – a man and a woman – I would not be dead. Period! You need to make a child from a man and a woman and if they had not made that child: I would not be dead. And if they shot you instead of me, or if they ran over someone with a car because they were drunk, or they hit someone with a stick, or pushed someone down the stairs . . . they couldn't have done that if they would not have been born.

But suppose they did one of those things to someone and killed them and they got caught. That person would get into trouble. Cool. They would go to jail. Cool. Maybe they would get the electric chair in the United States. Cool! Punish them! But did you really solve the problem? Did you say, “Hey look, we put this person in the electric chair because they killed someone. You better never kill someone here or you’re gonna get the electric chair too!” But that’s a whole different conversation that doesn't work.

The fact is, planned murders are not deterred by the fear of death – they are planned so someone won't get caught OR that person accepts that they will die but they feel it's worth it to kill the person that they’re trying to kill or going to kill (for example, an assassination). Unplanned murders are an act of immediacy where emotions control the act and one doesn’t stop and think, "I had better not do this or I will get killed myself."

It doesn’t work for murder because if you don’t murder someone as a paid assassin, then you are killing for one of two reasons: You are killing because you are doing so in a jealous rage or in the spur of a moment of loss of control other than jealousy (as if you had been confronted by someone who you didn’t expect during a robbery, or you were drunk and you ran someone over, or you were fighting with someone and it got out of control). In none of those cases is the person stopping to think for a moment to consider the consequences!

Scare tactics just don't work for murder and I'd like to go back to the root of the problem. At the root of the problem is the mom and the dad who walked away from this! But IT WAS THEIR FAULT! No WAY you argue your way out of this one! It has nothing to do with the fact that, “Oh, they raised them correctly. Then the child just went out and murdered someone on their own.”

The bottom line: People need to be made right, if they are going to be made, and they should not commit heinous crimes OR raised right and watched so they can be helped during the time of their time of growth so we can all know ahead of time if there’s a problem with this child.

That is the premise of Blame and Punish. Don't bring a child into this world if you aren't going to raise it right – or YOU are going down also!

Now . . . is that a deterrent that may stop bad people from coming into this world? It's up to the parents. 1014

I really, really don't think ANY parents want Re-Association. 1021

What’s Re-Association? It’s in the book and will be explained in an episode later and it will also be explained on our website.

Okay, I'm gonna wanna go right now because you're either going to listen to more of these or not or you’re not going to listen. You’re going to look at the Blame and Punish book. You’re going to get involved in the website. Or you’re not going to do any of that stuff cuz you don’t care. Fine. I hope enough people do care because we have to stop, as a society, as the human race – on this planet: We have to stop bringing children into this world wrong and if you just have your child and you do not raise it right then this is on you! And that's got to stop! It’s gotta stop!

I’m Bruce Carlson. This is the end of my first podcast. I hope there will be more. I hope you will care about the things I just said. Thank you for listening.


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