SUBMIT your OWN thoughts!

Each of these Podcast episodes are submitted by others and they AGREE with our thoughts. They are listed here so you can specifically go to the one you want to comment on or discuss in detail. Feel free to take any side of any argument you want but remember to keep your writing civil. We will get further if we stay productive rather than destructive. And even though you may get very upset - I repeat: We will get further if we stay productive rather than destructive! Know upfront that we will censor or delete if writing is beyond what we believe is civil.
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SUBMIT your OWN thoughts!

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Let us know what you think about what we think. Throw us an episode or your own podcast. Why? Read the next few paragraphs, then follow the link.

I would hope over the next thirty years we can help change the world. No, not take over the world – just change it, for the better.

What’s “for the better?” By my definition, stop people from killing each other. And no, I am not saying I am going to try and stop wars, I am not going to try and stop religious persecutions, I am not getting involved in government punishments. What I want to change is the random, unauthorized, uncontrollable, unplanned or planned killing of one human being by another – in normal, daily settings, when and where we should be our safest.

How? That’s an easy question to answer. I’m surprised someone hasn’t answered it before and done anything about it. Stop anyone who is another person’s child from doing the killing.

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