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What are you afraid of? What are we afraid of? Getting a little sick? Getting a lot sick? Dying?


If our lives are so valuable to us, then why do we allow ourselves to be killed so easily?

Talk (see below) or Just Listen: THEN maybe DO SOMETHING!Talk (see below) or Just Listen: THEN maybe DO SOMETHING!

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I would hope over the next thirty years we can help change the world. No, not take over the world – just change it, for the better.

What’s “for the better?” By my definition, stop people from killing each other. And no, I am not saying I am going to try and stop wars, I am not going to try and stop religious persecutions, I am not getting involved in government punishments. What I want to change is the random, unauthorized, uncontrollable, unplanned or planned killing of one human being by another – in normal, daily settings, when and where we should be our safest.

How? That’s an easy question to answer. I’m surprised someone hasn’t answered it before and done anything about it. Stop anyone who is another person’s child from doing the killing.

Who best can do that? The person’s parents!

Who should do that? The person’s parents!

Who should be responsible for a killing when one is committed? The killer’s parents!

Maybe parents shouldn’t have children if they are not going to raise them right!

Actually, we’ll get into that last statement as the next thirty years progress but while we are stopping a parent’s child from killing, why don’t we stop them from committing all crime? Duh, maybe easier said than done? But maybe we can change the playing field a little. Maybe we start (SERIO0USLY START) and carry through to Blame and Punish parents for anything their children do wrong . . . whatever the child’s age is when they do something wrong! Maybe we make the correct people responsible for all the hurt that circles the world. Maybe that will level the playing field ONE PARENT (and one child) AT A TIME!

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