O-0004: What we can start to do [12m27s]

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O-0004: What we can start to do [12m27s]

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Blame and Punish Podcast
Episode: O-0004
Posting date: 01/25/21

[This written episode was used as a guideline to the spoken one. To hear the exact words, find it at https://www.blameandpunish.com/podcasts ... ry/latest/.]

What we can start to do

Hi again. My name is Bruce Carlson. This is the 4th episode of 1,560 that I will be doing for our podcast and as I said before, I will be doing one of these episodes each week for thirty years. I hope to change the world by that time.

No, I am not a part of Pinky and The Brain's gang - I am not trying to take over the world: I am just trying to change it. Why am I trying to change it? To make it better.

Let me follow up on last week’s podcast where I try to make it very clear that having children in a half-assed way and not raising them correctly is not doing ANY of us any good! I understand that starting at a certain age everyone wants to have sex. For those people who are heterosexual and they are each having sex in a normal way, under voluntary circumstances with each other – cool! BUT (and this is a very big BUT), there are no reasons to have children every time you do it anymore. The days are past when you had to have a child or get very lucky. And there isn’t enough time here to discuss all of the reasons other than pure enjoyment and love you can have sex, AND, let me add one more thing: I DON’T CARE IF IT’S FOR ENJOYMENT AND NOT LOVE! GET IT ON! HAVE A GOOD TIME! GREAT!


What is my definition of raising a child right? Well, my first part of that definition is I want people to stop killing each other so children need to be raised not to do that. And no, I am not saying I am going to try and stop wars, I am not going to try and stop religious persecutions, and I am not getting involved in government punishments. What I want to change is the random, unauthorized, uncontrollable, unplanned or planned, killing of one human being by another - in normal, daily settings, when and where we should be our safest.

And I don’t want to hear any (I mean NO) crap about that is what every parent tries to do! Bullsh—(I T)! If you don’t raise your child right, it could very well kill someone (I’m not even listing the thousands of other illegal things it could do IF YOU DON’T DO YOUR JOB RIGHT!)

This is a thirty-year process. And I’m not going to be able to change it alone. I am going to need a lot of people's help. Eventually, I will need everyone's help in the entire world. I know that sounds like an impossible task but I think the subject should be of interest to everyone so that should make it easier to get everyone involved. I am trying to do MY part.

I’ve opened a website: "blameandpunish.com" and that website has Blog postings every week, this podcast and its weekly episodes and podcasts from other people (an area for people to contribute their own Podcast and episodes and those people can give their thoughts on whether they agree or disagree with mine), and a number of Forum topics to take part in. And we should pay attention to this Forum – the Forum for parents to help them raise their child – and not a mamby-pamdy “bs” Forum but one that will give real raising information to make their child right!

Besides the website, I've done something that will help tie all of this together. I’ve written a book. The title? Yep, you guessed right - Blame and Punish. It's about 300 pages and hopefully will do a good job of raising our plight AND THE CORRECTIVE ACTION NEEDED. I did NOT just write a book to complain. I also added a thirty-year plan to go forward with. You can find where to get it on the website.

Where do we start to get others to help us? We start with our society leaders - meaning our public office officials: The politicians. Well, having said that, right off the bat we are probably divided on what we want to do if politics are mentioned. But I truly, TRULY believe that this should be an issue that everyone can agree on. We'll see.

So, let me spend a few minutes of your time laying out our start.

Why did I decide to take on this project? Because there are lives depending on me doing so (and one of those lives may be yours but, honestly, I am particularly interested in mine and the lives of the people I love and those of my friend’s).

But just because I chose to take this on, it doesn’t mean you should follow blindly. When you want to hear what someone has to say about something, the person to listen to should be someone who knows what they are talking about.

Learning from an expert would be best. If you can’t find an expert, you should look for someone with “some” experience. Failing that, at least find someone who took an online correspondence course on the subject. But certainly, don’t just start following someone’s thoughts who has no background in what you are looking into.

So, before you get involved with us, you may want to decide if my qualifications meet your criteria for being allowed to upset your life’s thoughts. Whatever you decide, make sure you commit to hearing what I am saying or reading what I wrote and NOT what you heard someone else say that I said or wrote. I fully expect there will be many who desire to misunderstand or misrepresent what I actually have said or written so as to further their own agendas.

If you hear nothing more than the forthcoming sentence (and understand it and agree with it) you will have to go no further trying to figure out who I am. The sentence is: There are many children in this world who have been born who should not have been and there is no one to blame for that except the parents of those children.

Why am I qualified to write about this? Because I am one of those children.

I should not have been born. Am I suicidal? No. Am I depressed? Not most of the time. Am I mentally unstable? Not any more than most (that’s my opinion). Am I about to wreak havoc on the world as we know it? Hopefully, but not in the way most people do who I will be pointing to as examples over the next thirty years. Nope, their reason isn’t my reason I should not have been born. However, I reiterate, I should not have been born – and that is certainly not my fault. My parents had no right having children . . . at least not me. As I said, I will give examples of who else I believe should not have been born but here’s the thing, there may be a pretty good chance you, or many others you know, should not have been born either.

Don’t get too upset with me yet, we have a long way to go. I am only one person with some thoughts and if you don’t agree with me, I can accept that. I have tried to live my life listening to all sides. If I point out a problem, I try to point out a fix, and I will do so as we progress. However, this should (and will always) be an open, continuing discussion.

As I was doing research for our book (and “yes” I call it our book for a reason: we actually discuss that in “our” book) . . .

. . . I found that there are nearly 7.5 billion people on earth. It is estimated there are over 4,000 religions and it is believed people speak about 6,500 languages. Depending on how we want to count countries and their own specific governments, there are 200 plus distinct countries. But when we talk about their rule of law, we bring into account that there are hundreds of thousands of governing bodies. Take for example the United States of America. The U.S. at this moment has 90,000 governing bodies within its borders. Those include federal and state governing bodies (and counties, cities, villages, etc.). But then go count the school districts and special geographical jurisdictions. Don’t forget to count social groups, work associations, clubs, and secret societies . . . I actually don’t know where the list stops!

What do all of those numbers mean? They mean there are a lot of rules out there! In order to form some type of group there must be an order of control or guidance or understanding about what happens why and when, and what people are allowed to do things for what reasons, or to whom. Yep, a lot of rules!

But the mind-blowing fact is none of those rules or the number of governing bodies mean anything. There is no religion anywhere in the civilized world saying no person can kill us or our children. There is no government saying the right person will be held responsible for stealing from us or our family. There is no law of any land saying that a person is not allowed to make a mockery of, tease, bother, insult, lie about, embarrass, or in any way destroy another human being! Each of us has the right – unrestricted – to do anything evil, hateful, harmful, and without justification to any other person on our planet without recourse! Yep, that’s right . . . and neither you nor I can do a damn thing about it!

It is accepted . . . and propagated . . . by every person and every government, through every religion, in every language, to every corner of the planet that we are allowed to be killed – with vengeance, and we have NO recourse! And we will not have a recourse: NONE . . . until our world, as a whole, realizes that after 300,000 years of living like this: We have it wrong!

We do not – I repeat: WE DO NOT ever punish the person who we should have for whatever crime is committed in our lives!

I’m going to repeat that sentence, please listen closely! WE DO NOT ever punish the person who we should have for whatever crime is committed in our lives!

Enough for now. I hope you come back and tell others about us working together. We’ll keep digging into saving our lives again next week. Check out the website if you want to get in touch with me, make your thoughts known in one of the Forums, or give some audio thoughts. If you want to get more involved in the thought process, read the book. I am told it is written in a rather unique style (very unique).

OH, wait . . . I’m sorry, were you wondering what I meant when I said we never punish the person who should have been punished for committing crimes in our lives? Huh, I thought you already knew that answer.

It’s the parents of the world, of course!

Thank you for your time. I hope you’re here next week.


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