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I realize there is nothing we think we can do to change the world overnight. I always felt that way. I just sat back and figured that things would work themselves out. As I am getting older, I am feeling more remorse that I did not try to do something that might help keep my children alive . . . or protect them from being hurt by others.

What could I have done? I honestly don't know. I certainly am not saying you should. I have opened this website and written a book to hopefully bring this possible - fixable - problem to everyone's attention. All I am asking you to do is see if you can ask someone else to help who may be able to do something about our dilemma.

I believe I have a plan (at least I am trying to come up with something) and governments will have to get involved to help effect that plan and save our lives. I know they say they have been trying to protect us all along but the truth is nothing they do is working. I'm not blaming them either, though. It is the way we have lived since people have started living . . .

We Don't Blame the Correct Persons for Crime!

I grew up in a simpler time: In the 50's - the 1950's. We lived in Chicago but we never had to lock our home doors. (Funny, even when I was really young, I wondered why we had locks on the doors if we never used them.) Chicago isn't the city it used to be so everyone locks their doors now (with more than one lock). But it is not just Chicago. No city is the same. Who wouldn't lock their doors today regardless of where they lived?

Forget that question. Here is the question you have to answer . . . Have you ever wondered about your safety or the safety of anyone you care about?

If your answer is, "No," then you don't need to follow anything happening on this website. I mean, I guess I could also ask you if you know anyone who was ever the victim of a crime - any crime, but that's okay, maybe you don't care about things like that.

Personally, I think that things in the world are becoming less safe. I am worried - not so much for myself - but for my family, other people I love, and people I care about. Like many people, I probably think I am invincible: Maybe not invincible but impervious to danger coming my way. I always think I won't be affected.

One thing I want to state, as you think about going forward and helping (possibly) . . . our plan is a thirty-year plan. No one is getting grandfathered into our plan (you'll understand what that means when you find out what we hope to do). If you are (or can think about) helping: you are helping for the future. Maybe you have someone in your future who you would like to actually have one.

If you can contact one of your government officials (links below may help you find who represents you). Tell them to check out our website and see if they can think about helping our world survive.

Send the following statement in an email to one of them:

"Go to the website to help us stay alive!"

Thank you.

Find elected officials in the United States here:

Parliament of Canada:

Her Majesty's Government - UK Parliament:

Information for other countries will be posted here as we are asked to do so.


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