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The Blame and Punish Premise


It is accepted . . . and propagated . . . by every person and every government, through every religion, in every language, to every corner of the planet that we are allowed to be killed – with vengeance, and we have NO recourse! And we will not have a recourse: NONE . . . until our world, as a whole, realizes that after 300,000 years of living like this: We have it wrong!

You are allowed to kill someone by having a child, raising it wrong, and releasing it into the world to do your dirty work. This is a simple premise. You can agree or disagree but if you do agree: Do something! Time is running out. Our world keeps adding people and they add them wrong. One and one should not equal three! A bad 3!

Parents should not be allowed to have children if they are going to raise them wrong. And if they do raise them wrong – they should be punished along with their child for the errors of their ways. Period!

If you are going to have a child and that child does something wrong . . . here it comes . . . wait for it . . . it is your fault!!!

It makes no difference how old your child is when they do something wrong! Your child wouldn't be here if you didn't make it! And if you don't make it, they can never do anything wrong! So the undeniable fact is: Your child can only do something wrong if YOU make it . . . wrong!

In the oven for you! It’s time to turn up the heat! Your child is here because you put it here! You make, you bake! Pay for what you’ve done wrong!

Easiest thing to do to stop our future from ending by going down the path it is: Stop making children wrong! Otherwise, we should Blame and Punish YOU!


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