GET READY! The wait is over!

What are you afraid of? What are we afraid of? Getting a little sick? Getting a lot sick? Dying?


If our lives are so valuable to us, then why do we allow ourselves to be killed so easily?

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So much we must do just to Live!

I can go over this and over this. People can believe or not believe in whatever they want to stay alive or die BUT there is one thing that is IRREFUTABLE!!!


If it is the fault of anyone else that you, or a loved one, or a friend, or anyone you care about DIES – they wouldn’t have died if the person who was responsible for their death HAD NEVER BEEN BORN!

Who were the people responsible for that person being born? HUH? WHO?!?


Whatever it means to you: It is a necessary way to reach other humans to affect a relationship: Whether you want to help someone – or hurt them. Nothing happens without communication. You can deal directly with someone or you can communicate with someone else to ask/tell them to deal with someone for you. But either way . . . you are going to have to communicate.

Every single person on this earth has thoughts. The only difference between someone having smart thoughts or dumb thoughts is whether you agree with them or not. (Although a truly open-minded individual may think someone has a great thought but will still say that they disagree and try to live in equilibrium with that other party.)

I am not asking you to be smart here: I am only asking you to be yourself. I guarantee you CANNOT be dumb here . . . I will defend that to my death. AND if we don’t fix some things here we may all suffer a sad death earlier than any of us want to.

There are various Forums here to let us know what you think (whatever it is, we should learn from it) or to disagree with someone (and when done with respect, we should learn from that also). Please do something – if not for yourself, your loved ones, or any of your friends – then do it for me. Help us stay alive!