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Who am I? I am you: I mean, "Just like you." I don't wanna die before my time and I'm taking a wild guess thinking you don't want to either (at least the odds are probably in my favor you don't).

I don't want anyone I love, or like, to die before their time, either. They probably won't like doing so and it will probably hurt me if they do. And no matter how I think about any of this happening, it comes down to me not liking to be hurt.

Okay, so here's a question: If we like living so much, why do we allow ourselves to be killed so easily?

We can live one of two ways: We can lock ourselves in or let ourselves out.

Who would have thought, in our time of technology superiority and medical wonderment, we would shut down our world to deal with a virus from COVID-19? Why did we shut down our world? We may be able to protect ourselves more from dying if we lock ourselves in but eventually we have to let ourselves out. Then: Welcome to your world! In case you don’t recognize it, yours is the world where crime runs rampant, murder is an everyday thing, and the persons responsible for all the bad in your world will never get punished for it: They'll just keep on doin'!

I've got some thoughts! When we are attacked by a virus, we find a cure. But how do we find a cure for another person . . . a bad person?

We are gonna put a thirty-year timer on our attempt to change the world for the better. During that time we will look at current news stories, see what we can learn from them, and comment on them; have discussions about what we learned to change the world into a better place; and, probably disagree with each other a lot along the way but that's okay - it'll make us better for each other!

And . . . it may save a lot of lives . . . including ours!

Come along for the ride: I'm an excellent driver!


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